Mentorship Program

Centre for Projection Art supports the artistic community by creating further industry opportunities through the Gertrude Street Projection Festival Mentorship program.


Our programs of tutorials and workshops connect established projection and digital media creatives with emerging artists of various backgrounds to create opportunities for growth in their practices.

Emerging artists are invited to apply and develop unique site-specific projects under the guidance of a mentor for exhibition as part of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival.  Each artist is assigned a mentor that compliments their artistic practise and encourages exploration into new art practises.


About the Mentors.

Selected mentors are a diverse group who specialise in projection and digital art and have a range of skills in performance art, interactive technology, immersive installation and contemporary exhibition.
Past mentor artists have included: Kate Geck, Yandell Walton, Nick Azidis, Arika Walau, Pierre Proske and The Little Projection Company  (Lee Ramseyer Bache and Joseph Norster).

Industry Sessions.

In addition to these workshops, the Centre for Projection Art hosts a number of industry sessions, inviting specialist practitioners experienced in fine arts and public art, to present a range of topics covering concept development, technical support, industry advice and marketing guidance.