Artist FAQ’s

What does it take to get my work accepted?
Works with the following values have a greater chance of being selected:
• High production values
• Strong graphic images
• High contrast colours that work best at night
• Projects we think will engage the audience
• Projects that work without sound or music

What colours work best?
Any colour with a lot of green or green light such the yellow or cyan colour range works well. Blue and red only works well against black. Use black to make the features of your projection stand out. High contrast and brightly coloured graphics look good and most colours look good against a white background. Drawn line images are best in white.

Do you pay artist fees?
No, sadly there are no funds for artists fees/ travel / production costs to produce the installations. We do, however, provide an amazing opportunity to have your work seen by up to 30 000 people, great streetscape and space, a ten day fantastic event and free publicity.

Where will my projection be?
The festival is a collaboration between The Gertrude Association and the traders and residents of the street who are able and willing to have a projector in their window. Where your projection is placed depends on:
• The availability of sites
• The size and shape of your work
• The length of your work – the shorter is better
All these factors are considered when we site your work.

Where will my work be shown?
In the week before the Festival we will publish the details of the site address, your name and where each work will be playing:
• On this website
• On the printed program
• In the festival smart phone app

How long will my piece play for?
Each night from 6.00pm – midnight. Your work will be looped.

How come it’s not playing?
We have a roster for each night and volunteers do their very best to fix technical problems. Occasionally power outages, a blown lamp or technical glitches happen. They are fixed as soon as possible.

Who organizes this event?
The Gertrude Street Projection festival is organised by The Gertrude Association. It is produced and run by volunteers who believe in community, art and celebration.