2015 Mentorship

GSPF 2015 saw the inclusion of our first GSPF Mentorship Program.

Artists and projects included in the Program were:

Gabi Briggs – Urala
Mentored by Arika Walau.
A video installation projected onto the ground in Atherton Gardens, which contained silent footage from the recent Forced Closure marches with subtitles in Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese and Anaiwan.

Alden E.pp – Techno-spiritualism
Mentored by Yandell Walton.
A video work projected onto a circular structure, backlit by a colour-changing LED lighting design.

Robert Jordan – Pulse TV
Mentored by Pierre Proske.

Small electronic creatures that responded to touch with sound and vision, creating a responsive, playable instillation.

Guled Abdulwasi – Form Work
Mentored by Nick Azidis.
Projected onto the Atherton Towers, this project explored architectural forms and lines to convey the busy overwhelming lives Melbournians live.

The 2015 Mentorship Program will continue throughout the year, as the Festival directly engages these artists with other opportunities to exhibit their work with other new media events.