2016 Mentorship Program

Artists and projects included in the 2016 Mentorship Program were:

Nadia Faragaab – ‘Nuuxnuuxsi’
Mentored by: Yandell Walton
A mixed-media projection installation that explores the noticeable differences of mouth movements in speakers of diverse languages.

Aphrodite Feros-Fooke and Chase Burns – ‘The Detour’
Mentored by: The Projector Bike – Lee Ramseyer Bache and Joseph Norster
A roving projection-theatre performance that transforms the local  landscape from within the comfort and confines of an automobile.

Brianna Hudson – Sanctuary
Mentored by: Yandell Walton
A dynamic piece that incorporates holographic projection and diorama, this work is inspired by the artist’s compulsion to seek connection to places that ‘once were’ but may never be the same.

the 2016 GSPF Mentorship Program was supported by:
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