Carolyn Cardinet – Swarming

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Carolyn Cardinet – Swarming

Site Number: 12
Site Location: Atherton Gardens Precinct

Artwork Title: Swarming
Artist: Carolyn Cardinet

Swarming is a commentary on the consequences of plastics infiltrating our marine and land environments. This light infused installation re-contextualises discarded materials as a commentary about the effect consumer culture plays on the marine ecosystem.  A glowing swarm of blue jellyfish created from single-use plastic packaging is suspended in the trees throughout  Atherton Gardens acting a metaphor for the plastics swimming in our oceans and natural habitats.

Passionate about the alarming rate at which our environment is changing, Carolyn Cardinet creates new forms out of plastic waste. Carolyn’s sculptural pieces reflect and draw attention to the worldwide problem of mass production and senseless waste of plastic packaging.

She studied Honours in painting at Monash (2005) after a Bachelor of Fine Art (2004) at the Victorian College of the Arts. A Masters in Fine Arts from RMIT Melbourne (2012) led her practice to encompass objects and create assemblages, sculpture and site-specific installations that explore the sensorial quality of waste in nature.