Guled Abdulwasi & Brody Xahakos – SYNCOPATION

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Guled Abdulwasi & Brody Xahakos – SYNCOPATION

Site Number: 11
Site Location: Atherton Gardens Precinct

Artwork Title: SYNCOPATION
Artist: Guled Abdulwasi & Brody Xahakos

Repetition is a strong aspect of everyday life. For newly arrived communities, of which  Gluled is part of, repetition represents stability. When our lives and the lives of our parents and grandparents have been determined by such upheaval, is it any wonder that we seek sanctuary in predictability?

As soon as we find rhythm, we tether ourselves to that cycle, fearful of the tension that is exposed when we veer off course. But maybe you, we, US are not so different after all.

Don’t the same compulsions for stability and security envelope all of our deepest fears and aspirations?

Guled Abdulwasi is a multi-disciplinary artist and student of Architecture at Deakin University.

Aspiring to better understand the connection between people and their environment, Guled explores this companionship through the way in which natural and artificial systems intersect. Through this exploration, Guled finds inspiration in the tension between the memorable and the mundane.

Brody Xarhakos started painting on the streets when he was 17. From there grew an emerging passion to create and explore the realm of painting in public. Using the walls of Melbourne as his canvas, Brody’s works utilise painting, moving image and digital soundscapes.  Brody completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2014.

His first solo showing was at The Food Court, Docklands in 2015.

Guled Abdulwasi:

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