Cake Industries – Personal Space

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Cake Industries – Personal Space

Site Number: 2
Site Location: Frances Antiques, 39 Gertrude st

Artwork Title: Personal Space
Artist: Cake Industries

Our public selves and our inner selves operate on different planes. Our true self, with all its vulnerabilities, insecurities and histories, is protected by our public self, projecting an image of who we want to be and how we’d like others to see us.

Personal Space displays Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen, as disembodied, fragmented, and mechanically fabricated figures, housed within a complex of tensioned structures.

They rotate freely inside their private enclosures, blissfully unaware of the public gaze. The fragments of physicality and structure interplay to capture the fragility, pressure, and occasional transparency of their hidden personal spaces.

Artist duo Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen have worked under the title of Cake Industries since 2006 as a permanent collaboration. They are partners in both art and life. Their eclectic experimental practice utilises mechatronics, robotics, and reworked everyday objects to create anthropomorphic and autonomous works that embody anachronistic futurism.

Inspired by 1950s science fiction dystopia and artists such as Jim Whiting & Stelarc, Cake Industries’ installations, performances, and performative sculptures anachronistically investigate societies, cultures, realities, and futures. Their recent work has turned the focus onto themselves, and the ways in which interpersonal relationships happen. Although most of their work relies on digital processes for creation, it is important to Jesse & Dean that the final outcome of their labours is physical in nature.

Heavily utilising machine processes such as 3D printing, CNC routing, and other digital creation tools allows them to freely create in a digital space. Finishing the pieces manually keeps them rooted in a tactile world. Objects become as important as people, and people are complicated objects. A value system applied to their works and thematics.