2016 Curatorial Statement

The 2016 Gertrude Street Projection Festival presents an artistic program that forges a connection between artwork and audience, creating a living environment of memory and harnessing this as transformative act. A living environment of memory is communal, belongs to public life, and functions through a network of connections with diverse places and spaces. Like human memory it condenses, displaces, abridges and alters fragments of the past, making them alive in the present.

Our intent with this program is to create a collective experience for audiences by exhibiting contemporary projection and new media works that explore the physical, social and metaphysical spaces we inhabit.

A series of artistic encounters that create a temporary togetherness, where all the dynamic aspects of our community connect to reveal potent insights into the human condition.

Emotional landscapes that form a visual union connecting place, space and the inner life of the human.

The 2016 festival program encourages exchange and debate by tapping into the consciousness of place as artistic material, subject and framing. We have embraced ideas and projects from artists and communities that take risks both aesthetically and politically, and aim to create conditions for the unexpected to emerge.

~ Amanda Haskard РCurator & Arie Rain Glorie РAssistant Curator