Duncan Mac – The Atherton Marbles

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Duncan Mac – The Atherton Marbles

Event Title: The Atherton Marbles
Artist: Duncan Mac

Site Number: 37
Site Location: Little Woods Gallery, 1 Langridge St, Collingwood

Date: Saturday 16 July 2016, 6-8pm
Cost: FREE

Donned in a white rubber bondage suit, Duncan Mac creates a three dimensional canvas with his body onto which marble sculptures are projected. Members of the public are invited to pose the artist’s body (rendered blind by the bondage hood) into positions to ‘best’ accommodate the images. A history of public art – from antiquity to contemporary –is revealed over the course of the performance. The audience is encouraged to photograph and share each sculpture they have created on social media. The incorporation of social media in his performance draws a parallel between contemporary notions of what public art can be, which was once under the domain of figurative monumental sculpture.

Duncan Mac’s work often makes reference to art history and theory as a way of maintaining a connection to the past. Interested in creating ‘acts of art, not artefacts’ (Manifesto X, 2015), he often works in a relational context with performances that encourage audience participation, creating connection and meaning between people and the artist. He creates thoughtful, challenging and emotive space for works of art that are aesthetically beautiful and critical, where the passive viewer becomes active. He is currently studying Visual Art at RMIT University.