FCAC Artlife – Eaten By Technology

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FCAC Artlife – Eaten By Technology

Site Number: 24
Site Location: Title Store, 183 Gertrude st

Artwork Title: Eaten By Technology
Artist: FCAC Artlife
Concept: Marco Avila
Animators: Marco Avila, Paul Sunderland and Ian Caplan
Creative Team: Lindsay Cox, David Pennay

Eaten by Technology explores themes of creation, evolution and destruction and the link between humans and technology. Referencing retro analogue technology and the iconic symbolism of 1980’s video games, Eaten By Technology is a work of spectacle on a large scale depicting destruction, filling up and spilling over. What would you do if a giant cursor was chasing you? How many windows would you break into to escape a cascading wall of colour? Would you jump off a cliff to rescue your iPhone?

Eaten by Technology asks us the big questions about our relationship to technology while chasing us all over the block.

Footscray Community Arts Centre’s ArtLife Program has been running for over 20 years, engaging artists with disability to make new work, build capacity and change perceptions. The program facilitates these opportunities through visual art, performance, music, sound art, digital media, animation, horticulture, hospitality, photography, movement and life skills development. The ArtLife program has spawned a suite of creative ensembles including resident band The Hackkets, sonic art ensemble The Amplified Elephants, and performance outfit The Chaotic Order, as well as numerous exhibitions and events.


 Image Credit: Stephen Tran in Body Move Space. Photo by Nikki Lam courtesy of Footscray Community Arts Centre.

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