Gabi Briggs – Cleanse, Tone, Obscure

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Gabi Briggs – Cleanse, Tone, Obscure

Site Number: 19
Site Location: Everleigh, 150-56 Gertrude st

Artwork Title: Cleanse, Tone, Obscure
Artist: Gabi Briggs

Like your beauty regime, my oppression is daily.

Gabi Briggs is a sovereign Anaiwan and Gumbangier kajira (woman) who documents her body and how it occupies places and the viewer’s gaze (you). She does so in order to examine power, privilege and the colonising and politicising of her body and narrative. Forever complexed and possibly hoodwinked, Gabi looks to the arts as a place to have agency, to decolonise and to find absolute autonomy and sovereignty.

Gabi is an artist and curator based in sovereign Narrm-Melbourne, working across various mediums including performance, video, projection, sound and installation. She is always lost in thought, contemplating notions of sovereignty, self-care, decolonization, male gaze, privilege, white supremacy and the interconnectedness of these ideas.