Isabelle de Kleine – Holiday

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Isabelle de Kleine – Holiday

Site Number: 22
Site Location: Little George St Facade (Porters Paints), Little George St

Artwork Title: Holiday
Artist: Isabelle de Kleine

Holiday is a psychological misinterpretation of information.

Through collage aesthetics, moving portraits look at a flawed sense of reality, a reality that has been distorted, fragmented and masked by glitches in our perception.

Holiday is a reference to a state of introversion, a metaphysical space that we occupy as a retreat from physical reality. The work explores how cognitive distortions and the psychology of memory can alter ‘truth’ to create a surreal and highly constructed version of events. In a constant state of change, always moving but never progressing, movement been slowed to a point of near stillness as a way of re-imagining our interaction with the moving image. Two figures sit together, feeding off one another creating an undescribed narrative between the individuals.

Isabelle de Kleine is a Melbourne based artist working with moving image and painting. Her work is a cross disciplinary exploration into perception and the psychological self. It is a continual study into a flawed, altered and edited conception of a reality through collaged and digital aesthetics. Her works use heavy stylisation to disrupt a sense of realism. Tied to the psychological understanding of cognitive distortions and how glitches within one’s perception can become a reality, her work often looks at how she can manipulate time and motion to create a metaphysical space.

Through modernist and contemporary references, Isabelle’s portraits sit in perpetual state of change; alluding to a passing of time and action, yet never arriving at a point of conclusion. A stillness within the moving and a movement within the still.

Isabelle has received national recognition for her work and has exhibited in a number of galleries and spaces across Australia. Some of her more notable achievements included winning the Macquarie Digital Portrait Award at The National Portrait Gallery, working in residence at The Edge, State Library of Queensland, exhibiting as part of Channels Festival, and various group shows including, Blindside ARI, First Site Gallery and Forty-Five Downstairs. Through her work, Isabelle continually pushes boundaries of contemporary portraiture and new media by using software and hardware combined with traditional methods of image making.