Jacob Tolo & Susan Maco Forrester – Fractures

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Jacob Tolo & Susan Maco Forrester – Fractures

Site Number: 17
Site Location: Atherton Towers, Building 95

Artwork Title: Fractures
Artist: Jacob Tolo & Susan Maco Forrester

Fractures is a collaboration between Jacob Tolo and Susan Maco Forrester that explores fragmented identities through performative acts and cultural aesthetics. The artists aim to address the complex issues associated with mainstream whiteness, creating a powerful work that is both a critique of the stereotyping of identity and a proud assertion of it.

Jacob Tolo was born in the Pacific Island of Samoa and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He is an award winning artist and curator and the Co-founder of the Indigenous-run arts space Black Dot Gallery. Jacob’s arts practice is reflective of his design background and fascination with the representation of Pacific culture by outsiders. His curatorial work focuses strongly on collaborations his own community of Pacific artists from Australia and abroad as an inroad to a deeper understanding of his own culture.

Susan Maco Forrester is a woman of Somali and Scottish heritage. Identity has always been a question she has been forced to answer. Susan uses video, installation, sculptural objects and photographs to participate in a dialogue with artists, audience and community members about the complex issues raised by this question. Her challenging works deal with issues of identity and addresses the often unacknowledged the dominant culture of whiteness.

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