Lauren Simmonds – The State of Becoming

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Lauren Simmonds – The State of Becoming

Site Number: 21
Site Location: Kit and Ace (window), 161 Gertrude Street

Artwork Title: The State of Becoming
Artist: Lauren Simmonds

The State of Being possesses an undetermined primal quality that symbolises a permanent state of becoming. Glistening and fluid-like movements reference the slow unfurling of new life and the fiery spark of creation. Lauren Simmonds work embodies forces of both light and dark, vulnerability and strength, attempting to channel the power of these primal forms. The symmetric patterns of the sculptures and layering of projection is fuelled by the desire to unearth something new, subconsciously, within the viewer’s psyche.

Lauren Simmonds’ inter-disciplinary practice combines sculpture, installation and live art performance. Previous works have taken the form of kinetic installations that are part performance, part anthropological study and part handmade craft.

Connecting all of her work is an evocation of mythology, nature, ritual and symbolism. Lauren works with everyday materials, which she activates in playful ways to change their inherent language in order to accentuate their innate qualities and untapped beauty. 

Most recently Lauren has created work for Love/City Festival, Hotel Obscura (Festival of Live Art), Artshouse and Metanoia Live Art Season. This coming September she will be undertaking a residency at SIM Reykjavik, Iceland.