Olaf Meyer – Permanent Vs Impermenant

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Olaf Meyer – Permanent Vs Impermenant

Site Number: 29
Site Location: Johnstons Facade, 200 Gertrude St

Artwork Title: Permanent Vs Impermenant
Artist: Olaf Meyer

Permanent vs Impermanent is a series of works that explore the way ornamental disfigurement and impermanent shape-shifting, can change the perception of a building’s occupants and function. Using a cymascope, audible vibration is visualised by the artist to create a work that ponders the profound nature of archetypal symbolism and religious ornament.

Olaf Meyer is a multimedia installation artist who creates image sequences and interactive experiences that explore expression, technology and the human condition. Custom sensor technology, generative techniques and software are utilised in Olaf’s practice to aid the development of his design concepts and research interests.

Olaf was an artist in residence at the Melbourne Meat Market from 2006 to 2008. In recent years he has received numerous private and institutional commissions for large format architectural projection work. His work has been presented at various Australian art and music festivals including Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne Festival, NextWave and ElectroFringe.

Olaf holds a MA (by research) in Design Multimedia (MONASH) and a BA in Multimedia (RMIT).