Yandell Walton – Departed

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Yandell Walton – Departed

Site Number: 5
Site Location: Radio, 79 Gertrude st

Artwork Title: Departed
Artist: Yandell Walton

Departed presents a visual representation of what it may look like after we die. Artist Yandell Walton facilitated a series of participatory workshops and conversations with the public, capturing each participant utilising 3D scanning technology.  Departed explores the experiences of both the artist and participants, delving into a deep dialogue around death, mortality and the afterlife.

Departed was originally produced as a public art commission for Wagga Wagga City Council in collaboration with animator Michael Glen.

Yandell Walton is an accomplished projection installation artist who has exhibited in galleries and non-traditional public spaces both in Australia and Internationally.

Her work investigates ideas around impermanence using digital media, in particular projection. Often working with architectural spaces or objects and combining this with projected images, she is interested in the blur between the actual and the virtual.

Recent public art commissions include Absent Presence (Townsville) and Transition (Melbourne). Her projection work has been exhibited as part of Light City in Baltimore (2016) Digital Graffiti (2015) winning the Best of Show Award, Experimenta Speak to Me (Melbourne & Brisbane 2012-14), PUBLIC Festival Perth (2014), Melbourne Festival (2012), VIVID Festival Sydney (2013), ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art 2013) and White Night Festival Melbourne (2013/15).  


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