Youjia Lu – Chora

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Youjia Lu – Chora

Site Number: 3
Site Location: Marion alleyway, 53 Gertrude Street

Artwork Title: Chora
Artist: Youjia Lu

Chora is an ancient Greek term for a location outside society, an unformed substrate of the self. Artist Youjia Lu embraces this notion as a gesture toward her unsocial, unformed self, in a state of being fluid and supernatural. This gesture depicts the artist’s body and face as photographic emulsion, exposed to an image in a dark room.  

Her body fluid is the bath of developer. She soaks in her image just as her face floats in its solution, her mouth fills with saliva. Her eyes are blinded by amniotic fluid. Like darkroom processing, Chora then appears as she drowns in the stop bath.

Youjia Lu is a Chinese artist whose practice utilises digital media to fulfill an idealistic wish to allow the self return to the state of being unformed and unsocial before the Mirror Stage. Lu has shown at Columbia University (New York), the Digital Entertainment Jam (Beijing), Marvel: The 2014 Windsor Prize, The Windsor Hotel (Melbourne), Fringe Film: Digital Creatures, Seventh Gallery, George Paton Gallery, Chin Chin Wall of Art and Melbourne Projection Space.

She has been the recipient of the finalist of Windsor Prize (2014) and Contemporary Art Awards (2015), the winner of NGV Women’s Association Graduate Encouragement Award (2014), the John and Mary Kerley International Scholarship (2015) and has recently completed a residency in Picture Berlin (Berlin).

Lu is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts.