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Local electronic act Quadratech team up with DJs Oakley Grenell, Paul Beynon and Scattermish to deliver an evening of electro, glitch, synth and bass. Renowned multidisciplinary visual artist Thomas Russell will match the music with stunning visual projection, integrating low-fi and new technologies to create a rich aural and visual landscape.

GSPF 2013 Program

Date: Sat 20 July 2013
Time: 7pm to 11pm
Venue: Festival Hub, Gertrude’s Brown Couch
Price: $10
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Quadratech (Live Set)
Quadratech is the brainchild of Melbourne-based songwriter Travis Cann and producer Masato Higgs. These two create an alluring concoction of squealing synths, droning bass, grimy samples and melodic soundscapes, underpinned by nuanced production, instrumentation, vocals and lyrical content.

Oakley Grenell (DJ Set)
Oakley Grenell is involved with every facet of the music industry and has carved out his own niche as one of New Zealand’s premier music producers. His styles and genres range from hip-hop and soul to reggae and jazz. Under his solo moniker O.G. he has collaborated with artists such as Dynamite MC, Ladi 6, Tiki, Mark Vanilau, LA Mitchell, Mara TK and Spikey Tee to name but a few. Oakley is currently working on his 9th Central Records release and his 4th O.G. album; a subtle mash up of moody hip-hop and pacific soul.

Paul Beynon (DJ Set)
Paul Beynon is a Melbourne based producer and artist . Like most DJ/Producers, he has always used music as an expression of his emotions and passion. Unlike countless others, Paul is a self taught musician, producer and artist, with the technical knowledge of music theory, he has combined it with his knowledge of production to create a wide array of unique music.

Scattermish (DJ Set)
Local Melbourne DJ and Producer Scattermish regularly hosts international artists under his events “Scatterblog Presents in Australia”. He is also co-owner of the music label Scattermusic and ran the popular music blog “Scatterblog” for over 5 years.

Visuals by Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell is a multidisciplinary visual artist, working with projection, video art, animation, installation as well as illustration, digital artwork and graphic design. Thomas’ unique approach to visual artwork reflects ideas about human consciousness and philosophical exploration of life. He creates artwork for bands, festivals, theatre, dance and an array of different clients around Australia.

More Info & Links:
Quadratech – www.quadratech.com.au
Oakley Grenell – www.soundcloud.com/oakley-grenell
Paul Beynon – www.soundcloud.com/jaded
Scattermish – www.soundcloud.com/scattermish
Thomas Russell – www.thomasrussellart.com