Interactive & Experimental Digital Arts Panel

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Interactive & Experimental Digital Arts Panel

Want to gain insights from leading interactive and experimental artists and find out how they do it? Join us for this Digital Arts Panel night led by industry professionals, including artists involved in the 2013 Gertrude Street Projection Festival. The intention is to create a platform for ideas sharing and networking and the panellists will share their practices and experiences working within their respective artistic mediums.

GSPF 2013 Program

Date: Thu 25 July 2013
Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
Venue: Festival Hub, Gertrude’s Brown Couch
Price: FREE (Booking required)
Bookings: Book Now

Fiona Hillary – Lecturer at RMIT & VCA / Board Member, The Gertrude Association
Since completing her Masters of Arts – Art in public space at RMIT, Fiona has developed a keen research interest in the use of public space, particularly contested spaces and the implications of artistic engagement. She was the founding Coordinator of Signal Youth Arts Studio, the City of Melbourne’s most recent youth arts project and is responsible for coordinating the Painting and Public Art program within the Diploma of Visual Art at RMIT.

Pierre Proske – Electronic Artist, Director at Media Lab Melbourne
Pierre is an internationally recognised Australian artist working principally with electronic media and specialising in interactive installations. Having worked extensively in Europe on various commissions and artistic projects in conjunction with the Ars Electronica Futurelab and Future Applications Lab, his work involves exposing the unspoken relationships we have with technology and harnessing machines into exploring new aesthetics. Pierre is also founder and director of electronic media arts organisation Media Lab Melbourne and runs his own creative technology studio called Sensory Empire.

Yandell Walton – Projection Artist
Yandell Walton is an accomplished video and projection installation artist exhibiting regularly in galleries and non-traditional public spaces both in Australia and internationally. Through her practice she explores what constitutes human experience by looking at emotional responses to the world we live in. She is interested in exploring ideas around impermanence and mortality, creating work that uses existing architectural and constructed spaces, found and made objects and introduces the projected figure. Recent exhibitions include an interactive public artwork presented by Experimenta for 2012 Melbourne Festival, White Night Festival Melbourne 2013, VIVID Festival Sydney 2013 and ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art).

Jamie Dale – Visual Division, digital designer and photographer
Jamie Dale is a visual artist, digital designer and photographer. His career has taken him from live visual performance at festivals around the world to being a Broadcast Specialist with the BBC in London. He has over 10 years experience as a visual artist and has performed at over 100 venues for incredible live acts such as Groove Armada and Underworld. He is now based in Mel¬bourne, Australia and is the creative director of the visual arts company Visual Division.

Kate Geck – Multimedia Artist & Sessional Lecturer
Kate Geck is a multimedia artist working across interactive media, textiles, installation and soft sculpture and a sessional lecturer for the Bachelor of Illustration at NMIT. She has recently completed honours in Fine Art at QUT researching character based interfaces within interactive total installation, and is currently completing an MFA at RMIT. She has toured Australia, Japan, China, the US, UK and Europe exhibiting and performing over the last 4 years. She has worked as an artist on Australian festivals such as Brisbane Festival, This Is Not Art , Nextwave and the Freeplay Developer Festival.

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