Michael Meneghetti and Southpaw

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Michael Meneghetti and Southpaw

Michael Meneghetti’s work draws on his experiences in rural Victoria, his migrant Italian heritage and themes surrounding modern masculine archetypes. Southpaw’s contribution to the festival will be an independently curated selection of up-and-coming and established local artists whose agenda is to question ideas of construction, regeneration, growth and change that are associated with the proposed renovations of the site. There is also an opportunity to look at ideas of spatiality and our connection with intimate spaces and situations – which take place in collaborative projection works inside the bar.

GSPF 2013 Program

Site Number: Site 24
Site Location: Southpaw
Artwork Title: La Foca – a transhuman pinniped’s call of the wild


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Michael Meneghetti – michaelmeneghetti.com