Myfanwy Alderson

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Myfanwy Alderson

Myfanwy is an interdisciplinary artist. She has performed as a contemporary violist nationally and internationally with the likes of Chamber Made Opera, Impro Melbourne, with her trio Daquqi and with dancers Alice Cummins and Janette Hoe. Her visual arts practice explores the connection between music and technology that stems back to the invention of the player piano, aka pianola. In 2011 and 2012 Myfanwy participated in the Solo Residency artists program at Victoria University, and was recipient of a Study Tour Grant to San Francisco, New York, Montreal and London. Recent exhibitions were held at Mailbox 141, Conduit Arts and Dear Patti Smith. Aria Lumina is an off-the-grid live projection performance piece for Pianola Projector Machine (from the guts of a pianola), orchestra lights and operator.

GSPF 2013 Program

Site Number: Site 18
Site Location: Handsom Performances (8pm on Fri 19 July, Sat 20 July & Sun 21 July)
Aesop Performances (8pm on Fri 26 July, Sat 27 July & Sun 28 July)
Artwork Title: Aria Lumina


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