Andy Buchanan

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Andy Buchanan

Site Number: Site 18
Site Location: Left, 161 Gertrude St
Artwork Title: Plasmatic Transience

Transience lives in the animorph – perceptually evasive and constantly morphing digital sculpture.

Plasmaticness is the term given by Eisenstein to the animated entity that presents a visually and ontologically elastic state of being. These protean entities can squash and contort into impossible arrangements, and can assume any form.

This project utilises digital sculpture software to produce a series of animated shape-shifting models that transform from one entity to the next in a series of bodies, faces, objects and abstract morphological interpolations. Transience lives in the animporph – the interpolations between the fleeting, perceptually evasive and constantly evolving imagery.

Andy Buchanan is a digital artist, animator and researcher from Melbourne, Australia. His current work and research focuses on the use of animated and sequential art as psychic automatism; following a history of surrealism and abstract expressionism and with a focus on meditative art making practice.


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