Freya Pitt

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Freya Pitt

Site Number: Site 5
Site Location: Little Salon
Artwork Title: The Beast

The Beast Sleeps. The Beast stirs. The Beast sees you.
A homage to relationships that exist momentarily, played out in a glance.

Taking up drawing at age 8 in an attempt to impress the brooding & creative Brenton-from-the-year-above, Pitt hasn’t stopped since. She has exhibited in galleries and completed permanent and ephemeral commissions in public space around Australia and internationally. Recently Pitt has shown work at White Night Melbourne, covered a tram for the Melbourne Festival’s Art Tram project, and participated in Skypetrait; transcontinental faces, a research project between Melbourne and Reutlingen University.

Using projection to explore ways of interrupting the experience of space and self and encourage reflexive engagement, she has just completed her Masters of Art in Public Space at RMIT University. Freya and Brenton never worked out, but she does have more projectors than she ever dreamed of as a kid and few regrets.


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