Jilli Rose

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Jilli Rose

Site Number: Site 30
Site Location: Alice Edgely, a peep-hole animation
Artwork Title: Tiny Minds

Humans as a species have only been here for a tiny speck of deep time, and our individual lives pass in a flash. . .

“When I look into a microscope, like when I look at the stars, it reminds me of how long our evolutionary road has been, and how little time we each have on it.”

Peer into the past through a series of peepholes, spy on tiny life going about its tiny business, and reflect on the vivid, limited, struggling, glorious time we get to spend alive.

Jilli Rose is an animator, whose work tends to celebrate the beauty and passion embedded in science using colour-drenched visuals and gripping stories. She relased her first short film, Predator!!!, in 2012, and second, Sticky, earlier this year with two more shorts in development.

To address the festival’s theme “Transience”, Rose has created a suite of animations referencing the earliest life known on earth – single-celled bacteria – and other ancient micro-organisms.


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Website: jillirose.com
Facebook: facebook.com/BespokeAnimation
Twitter: twitter.com/jilli_rose