Lin Finch

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Lin Finch

Site Number: Site 38
Site Location: Crumpler, 87 Smith St
Artwork Title: Progress

Progress utilises the idea of ‘movement’ and momentary connection with the passerby to illustrate the transience of everyday experience.

A video work, Progress explores, metaphorically, the concept of ‘progress’ as a collection of impermanent moments. Within the breadth of the screen anonymous strangers stride past. Who are these people? Where are they going? This stream of protagonists’ mirrors the people passing in the real street space, who stop to gaze at the video’s playing in the shop windows. Every so often a figure stops and briefly gazes at the viewer, momentarily provoked by the ephemeral encounter, and succinctly representing a form of transience.

It is here, that a tenuous connection whose duration can be counted in breaths, like gawkers at a car crash is found. Our presence, it would appear, has created a diversion from their constant forward movement.

Lin Finch is a contemporary artist from Melbourne. Lin explores the themes of fear, isolation and obsolescence within the urban space. Her work “Darkness is on the outside” was featured in GSPF13 and in February 2014 Lin collaborated with Sharon Kenney on the video / sculpture installation ‘Punctis’ at Trocadero Artspace.


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