Olaf Meyer

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Olaf Meyer

Site Number: Site 22
Site Location: Crn Gertrude & George Streets, VW Beetle Car
Artwork Title: The Peoples Car

Meyer will illuminate the classic form of a VW 68 Beetle in digitally projected unstable media to reflect meanderings in his minds eye as he contemplates what happens to the classic industrial form as it becomes a cultural icon.

The Peoples Car is a celebration of the transience of bohemian culture and the repetitive time patterns of the open road.

Aesthetically this work is inspired by ‘live CGI’ software from the 1990s such as Cthuga and Plaswave which generate visual patters designed to compliment feelings induced by certain flavours of candy. The unstable nature of the projected media refers to Meyer’s method of engaging digital media as a tool for live visual expression

Active since the mid 1990’s Olaf Meyer is an experimental multimedia artist. Now working at Multimedia Events Australia, Olaf continues to collaborate with Melbourne based software developers & artists to create and progress Interactive Video Performance and Digital Projection Mapping at music and arts festivals worldwide.


More Information & Artist Links:
Website: multimediaevents.com.au