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Site Number: Site 40
Site Location: Dogstar, 122 Gertrude Street
Artists: Chris Parkinson (Aus), Michael Fikaris (Aus), Michael Meneghetti (Aus), Bryan Phillips (Aus), Chris Phillips (Aus), Amanda Haskard (Aus), Tony Amaral (East Timor), Alfe Perreira (East Timor), and Etson Caminha (East Timor)

The Animatism hybrid projection work explores the East Timorese and Australian relationship and how this relationship is understood across shifting generations.

Animatism is an exchange of creative ideas and artistic action between Melbourne and East Timor. The project is designed to support cultural exchange, festival and showcase opportunities for collaborations between Australian and East Timorese artists.

Animatism is a multi-disciplinary project that includes projection, live and recorded sound, illustration and documentary. It is a creative platform where artists challenge their practice and move into new artistic territories, both geographically and metaphorically.


More Information & Artist Links:
Twitter: @chrsprknsn
Instagram: @chrsprknsn and @#animatism