Nature in the Dark

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Nature in the Dark

Site Number: Site 8
Site Location: Design Dispensary
Artists: Angie Black, Elizabeth Dunn, Siri Hayes, Tim Nohe, Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier and Renuka Rajiv and Scott Lewis, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski and Steve Turpie.

Nature in the Dark is a joint venture between conservationists and artists, who used the same photographic material being gathered to profile mammals’ response to fire to create seven artistic video projects.

For 60 years the Victorian National Park Association (VNPA) has been at the forefront of protecting Victoria’s natural environment. Employing motion-triggered night vision cameras they are currently monitoring animals in national parks in Victoria in order to gain a better understanding of native wild life. Looking at the photos there is something incredibly intimate and unguarded about them. It’s as if wildlife social-realism meets the monochromatic aesthetic of night vision surveillance.

In co-operation with the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University, these snapshots of the private lives of our ecological neighbours have been made available to artists as the starting point for a series of seven video works.

Nature in the Dark will project these images of these transient encounters back into the busy day/night life cycle of Melbourne – our own city habitat.


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