Skunk Control

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Skunk Control

Site Number: Site 28
Site Location: Rose Chong Costumiers
Artwork Title: Pestilent protrusions

A seemingly translucent and benign light filled forest undergoes a continuous colour metamorphosis. The colour changes represent the shifting/transient interpretations of answers to questions that we ask ourselves throughout our lives in an effort to inform and shape them.

Skunk Control is a group of engineers, educators and scientists from the college of Engineering and Science at Victoria University. The communication of science through art and art through science via stories and spectacle that excited us in our formative years is what Skunk Control explores. Their agenda is to create art that engages, that taunts its audience to look deeper and to prompt inquiry.

Skunk Control collectively run diverse community outreach programs and community based general science units and are a part of the team that run the university’s Foundation Studies program.


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