The DJ Fancy Feast Experience

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The DJ Fancy Feast Experience

Event Title: The DJ Fancy Feast Experience
DJ Fancy Feast vs DJ Lipstick

Location: The Artbox Truck, Atherton Gardens Precinct

Date: Saturday 23 July 2016, 7pm – 9pm
Cost: FREE

1 human year is 18 cat years, 16 for dogs, which means this high octane 10min DJ set equals a 4 day long animal party. DJ Fancy Feast (a human sized cat) and DJ Lipstik (a human sized dog) will be putting aside their differences and delivering a banging live audio/video DJ set, for one night only.

Dance the night away with the 2 biggest party animals in Australia!

DJ Fancy Feast is a 5’7 tabby cat, DJ and producer best known for his giant personality, killer dance moves and club annihilating bangers. Outside of his music, Fancy Feast is an advocate for responsible pet ownership, and raising awareness about the irresponsible breeding practices of pet stores.

DJ Lipstick is a 5.7inch  chiwawa / great dane. He was rescued by a Sri lankan retirement home performer who trained him in the highest and oldest crowds around the eastern suburbs.  He learnt how to DJ the hottest Dolly Parton hits, dropping them when the crowd would fall asleep or forget who they are. Dj lipstick, when leashed will behave but once that bad boys free. No leg or dogs behind will be saved from the thumping minimal house this pooch drops. Bring a poop bag.