HUB: Opening Night Party

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HUB: Opening Night Party

Location: Festival Hub, The Catfish, 30 Gertrude St.
 Friday 10 July, 8pm til late
Cost: FREE.

Music: The Living Eyes DJS, 8pm / The Pink Tiles DJs, 10pm / Chook Race DJS, 11:30pm / Chaos Magnet, Various
Visuals: Bloom AV, 8pm / Netzair, 10:30pm

Join us on the dance floor for the Opening Night Party of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival!

Located at the Festival Hub at The Catfish, we’re mixing some of Melbourne’s best indie, garage & pop band DJs with the experimental, abstract visual styles of VJs Bloom AV and Netzair.

Bloom Audio-Visual is a collective of like-minded artists who share a common goal of exploring the boundaries of frequency manipulation and composition. Performing on the night is artist Jovan Vucinic, mixing visuals live with his visualsaudio-reactive visualiser.

Netzer Alima, aka Netzair, has spent years experimenting, shooting and producing his own unique content. Striving to make the night’s audio entertainment tangible, bringing sound to life, the visual experience is especially suited to an electronic environment where bass, glitch and snare can be translated optically.

Boot stomping space cadet power trio Charlie Woods, Anna Gordon and Alex Roper are CHAOS MAGNET, the most dangerous roving trio in the galaxy! Soaring through a wild web of intergallactic frenzy hatch the wicked space cadets ‘ChaosMagnet’! Rest assured these three will take you on a boot stomping rampage down a path you never did see.

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