Alinta Krauth – All Your Old Devices Miss You

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Alinta Krauth – All Your Old Devices Miss You

Site Number: 31
Site Location: El Lobo, 205 Gertrude St.

Artwork Title: All Your Old Devices Miss You
Artist: Alinta Krauth

Alinta Krauth’s projected narrative, in All the Old Devices Miss You, the object is fixed and returned to its original form. Projected glitch art represents a digital version of this environmental and social disruption. This piece is situated in the store ‘El Lobo’, known for creating furniture that is fixable, and both the artist and the store share a passion for a less wasteful future.

Alinta Krauth is a multidisciplinary digital artist who focuses on projection art, interactive art, sound art, art games, generative art, and physical computing, and is interested in experimenting with links between these fields. She is also interested in ways to tie education and social relevance into interactive pieces – particularly with regards to sustainability, ecology, and physics. Her recently exhibited works explore poetry games, interactive sound art, interactive Net art/literature, projection mapping onto sculpture, 360° projections, projection as performance, and live light painting. She has seen her works exhibited globally from Brisbane to New York, Virginia to Vienna, Paris to Melbourne.

Alinta’s distant background is in cultural theory and creative writing, and she likes to use these understandings to help her create historically and culturally considered works. But most of all Alinta is simply curious about the world and all its creatures – real and imagined.