Andre Fazio – The Couch Potato

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Andre Fazio – The Couch Potato

Site Number: 22
Site Location: Handsom, 163 Gertrude St.

Artwork Title: The Couch Potato
Artist: Andre Fazio

‘The Couch Potato’ has taken on a far more destructive role in the 21st century as contemporary society becomes more desensitized towards emotionally charged content. People have become conditioned to use the Internet as an alternating current of both emotion and entertainment. Personal opinions are cast out into the public sphere at a rapid rate, but has this conditioning hindered our ability to share thoughtful content with each other by unintentionally lowering the quality of our creativity, as well as our humanity?

Andre Fazio is a Melbourne based Artist who recently completed a Bachelor Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), where his passion for drawing evolved into animation. He is an active contributor to Melbourne’s underground music scene and has been commissioned by local bands to create Music Videos, Comic Books, Promo Posters and Album Art. After the success of his 2014 debut solo exhibition “Fazmoticons”, Andre continued to push the boundaries of his low-fi approach to his practice. He has been involved in several award winning student films and was the recipient of the prestigious Patricia Edgar award in 2006 for his self directed short film “Cocoon Boy”, and recently received the Stella Diliger Award for his work in the 2014 VCA graduate exhibition.