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Site Number: 5
Site Location: Kinobi, 71 Gertrude St.

Artwork Title: Animatism
Alfeo Perriera (East Timor), Amanda Haskard (Aus), Bryan Phillips (Aus), Chris Phillips (Aus), Djuwadi Ahwal (Indonesia), Etson Caminha (East Timor), Jacob Tolo (Aus), Kate Geck (Aus), Liam Barton (Aus), Michael Fikaris (Aus), Tony Amaral (East Timor).

The Animatism hybrid projection work explores dreams and desires across cultures exploring imagined worlds, memories and histories presented through each artist’s own unique cultural lens.

Animatism is a collective of artists and curators from Australia, East Timor and Indonesia. Embedding the wild and the primal in contemporary artistic collaborations, their work explores the East Timorese, Indonesian and Australian relationship across shifting generations. Since 2010 Animatism has delivered flamboyant creative works across a multitude of artistic platforms, including immersive video and projection, burning drums, street art, experimental theatre, comic book conversations and electronic music. The collective has overseen the publishing and distribution of 4 books; coordinated the painting of 13 murals across East Timor and Melbourne; developed award winning video works; activated an annual series of reciprocal creative exchange residencies and presented their work publicly in Brazil, USA, Australia and East Timor. Animatism is committed to artistic action and cultural exchange that articulates a unified vision of contemporary regional relationships. It is a creative platform where culturally diverse artists challenge their practice moving into new artistic territories, both geographically and metaphorically.
Hashtag: #animatism