Artbox Truck

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Artbox Truck

Site Number: 9
Site Location: Atherton Gardens, behind building 90.
Vessel Performance, Friday 10 July & Friday 17 July, 8:30pm & 9:30pm
Video Jam, Saturday 11 July Saturday 18 July, 7pm – 10pm

Artwork Title: Artbox Truck
 Korinsky, Angela Barnett and Michael Meneghetti

The Artbox Truck has one main goal: to investigate expanded video structures in space.  This new project brings Fitzroy locals Artbox Curators, Yarra Youth Services, The Village Festival and Man With A Van together to create a new mobile exhibition space for the 2015 Gertrude Street Projection Festival premiering Angela Barnett’s new performance and projection installation The Vessel and open projection night Video Jam.

The Vessel is the investigation of the body as a vehicle for human life. The body is a bewildering structure, so resilient yet so venerable and is too often taken for granted. Rarely do we think about what’s beneath our skin, pumping organs, flowing bloodstreams, vibrating cells that keep us alive. Barnett’s pulsating projection art together with Korinsky’s haunting soundscape compliment performance art by Meneghetti and Barnett inside the Artbox Truck.

Video Jam  is a mobile open projection night experiment is coming to Gertrude Street for the festival and wants artists of the digital craft to come play for its two Saturday night screenings in the Artbox Truck.

Angela Barnett is Melbourne based artist whose work spans across drawing, print, online art, large­ scale projections to interactive installations.

Korinsky is a German sound art collective based in Berlin whose work concentrates on the emotional and physical effect that directional sound has upon listeners.

Michael Meneghetti works predominantly in performance, but includes video and sculpture in his large scale events and installations.

Melissa Edwards is curious about human connection and sincerity. She spends most of her time in search for things to photograph. Occasionally she can also be seen filming music videos and curating exhibitions in non­traditional spaces.

Artbox art and technology is a startup artist-run initiative seeking to change the way artists and collectors invest in culture to address ongoing issues surrounding artist poverty.
Hashtag: #videojam #artboxtruck


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