Bon Mott – She’s Got Balls

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Bon Mott – She’s Got Balls

Site Number: 35
Site Location: Enoteca, 229 Gertrude St.

Artwork Title: She’s Got Balls 
Bon Mott

Bon Mott’s projection piece for GSPFShe’s Got Balls and if I do a performance it will be called She’s Got Speed Mott represents a ritualised process of transformation; from corporeal body Mott is something other energy – or ghost – of AC/DC’s lead singer Bon Scott. She’s Got Balls references the Albedo. In alchemy, mythology and psychology the whiteness of the Albedo represents whitening and cleansing after chaos and darkness and leads to new transformative processes.

Bon Mott is a multidisciplinary artist whose work encompasses design and performance with a major emphasis on spatial/sculptural practice. Currently her work explores the realms of performance and projection art, embodying Mott, the female ghost of AC/DC’s deceased lead singer, Bon Scott.

Mott attained her Masters of Fine Art fromVictorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) in 1999. Her first solo exhibition was held at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in 1995, the same year in which she won the No Space Award (judged by Max Delaney and the late Rowland S. Howard). Two solo exhibitions followed at Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne, then a fourth in Chicago, USA. In 2002, Mott completed a Masters of Design at University of NSW College of Fine Arts. Whilst straddling art and design, her work remains spatial/sculptural.

Mott’s practice-lead PhD encompasses a meditation on the female journey in Australia, both personal and collective, through choreography, film, lighting and sound. Layering of these elements conjures the persona of Mott and the voyage of her spirit, confronting the machismo of the late Scott. Mott’s usually naked performances as a ghost are dreamlike – a perpetual journey addressing contemporary issues of gender identity, body image, and empowerment.