Chase Burns – White Wash

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Chase Burns – White Wash

Site Number: 32
Site Location: The Builders Arms, 211 Gertrude St.

Artwork Title: White Wash
Chase Burns

Earth, in the years of decay.
Humans are now extinct and the wild has consumed the world.
Coastal city’s now face the wrath of the ocean, only a few buildings remain, like fossilized giants.
They face the constant battle of force from the powerful sea waves.
Rolling in and exploding like white furious fists, the waves crash into the concrete walls of the forgotten city, that stood so prominent in the years of man.

White Wash is dedicated to recently deceased friend and surf legend Andrew Biddington, better known as Cree.

White Wash has complementary audio!  Plug in your head phones and listen from your smart phone.

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Chase’s passion for the sea started when he was in his early teens. He was beyond the interests of the typical summer beach trips, his addiction to the sea had been solidified by the testing Victorian winters. Chase grew up in the suburbs, he escaped to the raw and rugged Phillip Island. Where he discovered his talent of painting. This creative drive led him to film. Chase began making his mark on the surf films industry creating unique film clips of the best surfers riding the greatest waves in the world. After this career, He soon fell back into the sea without camera in hand, to re connect with what he loved most. The Ocean. Chase’s film career steered towards fashion and short films where he finds himself today

In this projection, Chase explores the modern day zeitgeist of the rising sea levels where he invites us to open our minds and have a sneak peak of what things could be in the not too distant future. From the safety of footpath and present time.