Dalton Stewart – Ontology

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Dalton Stewart – Ontology

Site Number: 20
Site Location: Foyer of the Everleigh, 156 Gertrude St.

Artwork Title: Ontology
Artist: Dalton Stewart

Ontology is a project developed over the first half of 2015. Beginning with the convergence of painting and digital media, an infinity of combinations generates a sense of exhilarating possibilities until a new kind of work is made.

This project is a radical reconfiguration of my process of making – a reconfiguration that is as much conceptual as it is material – in this case, there is a concomitant reconfiguration of the object, the painting operating as a screen. The result – a calamitous gaze across our technologically diverted, physiological existence, in the new internet millennium

Dalton Stewart was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1996. Stewart works predominantly in the medium of painting, but recently has included video and digital media as an extensive part of his practice. Predominantly his research is concerned with ideas surrounding the technologically warped urban landscape of our present. He explores ideas of modern ruin and the decay of culture through the technological. Interested In the relationship between digital media and painting, his inquiries metaphorically explore various cultural interfaces. Stewart is focused on better understanding our contemporary relationship with the machine, through practice, research and the conference of traditional and new mediums. Stewart lives and works in Melbourne, where is currently studying his BFA at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Instagram: @daltonstewart1