Guled Abdulwasi – Form Work

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Guled Abdulwasi – Form Work

Site Number: 15
Site Location: Atherton Towers, building 95

Artwork Title: Form Work
Artist: Guled Abdulwasi
Mentor: Nick Azidis

Form Work explores architectural forms, lines and shapes that are depicted usually in architectural drafting. The combination of abstracted overlapping lines conveys the busy overwhelming lives Melbournians live and experience. The visual representation seeks to communicate these overwhelming but symmetrically constructed task we have to over come day to day.

Presented as part of the GSPF Mentorship Program 2015, supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

A student of Architecture at Deakin University, Guled is a multi-disciplined artist inspired, primarily, by culture and geometry.

Living in the Fitzroy Commission Flats for over 10 years, Guled has based his arts practise atYarraYouth Centre, where he has participated in multimedia and fine art workshops. His connection to the area and his African-Australian background has influenced his work significantly, exploring themes of home and cultural interpretation.