Rose Sugarlove – Underwater

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Rose Sugarlove – Underwater

Site Number: 23
Site Location: Megan Park, 164 Gertrude St

Artwork Title: Underwater
Rose Sugarlove / Radiance

Underwater is a video that is apart of the Nature In The Dark II collection of works. Nature in the Dark is a science/art collaboration between the Victorian National Park Association (VNPA) and the Centre for Creative Arts (CCA), La Trobe University, Australia. The NITD project was initiated by artist and curator Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier in 2012

VNPA’s 2014 Nature Conservation Review [1] states: “Victorian waters are at the confluence of three biographic provinces, so they are more species-rich than most other temperate seas worldwide; nearly 90% of species in marine groups are unique”. And many of them still to be discovered by the human eye. The materials provided by Reef Watch and Parks Victoria are used for a variety of purposes ranging from monitoring of key native species and habitats as well as marine pests to the “ground truthing” of data from remote sensing technologies that are being employed for the creation of habitat maps.

Radiance aka Rose Sugarlove is a new media visual artist, Vj and designer from Byron Bay, Australia. She works with video and live performance in a range of settings, from contemporary art installations to large scale vibrant projections at festivals around the world.

Her work is focused on an investigation of the landscape and the transient nature of existence. Recently she created a site-specific, durational walking performance in Tallinn, Estonia which formed a body of work which maps the terrain physically and psychologically through a series of visual motifs and videos. The work extends on the long history of mapping the landscape, with New Media techniques in response to contemporary culture and the impact of technology.