You’ve Got Cucumber on Your Eyes

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You’ve Got Cucumber on Your Eyes

Event Title: You’ve Got Cucumber on Your Eyes
Artists: Annabelle Kingston, Thembi Sodell, Brie Trennery, Fanni Futterkneckt
Curated by Anabelle Lacroix

Site Number: 20
Site Location: Seventh Gallery, 155 Gertrude St

Date: Friday 15 – Saturday 23 July, 6pm – 10pm
Cost: FREE

Opening Night Performance by: Waterfall Person
Friday 15 July 2016, 8pm

Artist Talk: Sunday 17 July, 6pm

While moving images are often seen as external to us, we all experience images inside our minds. Fantasies, hallucinations, dreams and speculations. Things imagined, fabulated, often unreal but sometimes believed to be true as if one had a film unfolding behind their eyes; you are making films in (and for) yourself is a very popular saying in french that describes this phenomenon.

Consider the questions What or who is being projected on? What is the relationship between animator and animated? This exhibition asks you to turn to your inner world, to the building of internal spaces and the projection of ideas, to question their boundaries with an ‘outside’.

The works in this exhibition deepen our understanding of remembering as imagining and its psychological effects, in the light of new research suggesting that mental time travel is a reliable source of knowledge for memory and imagining the future.