Ben Landau – Walking 8

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Ben Landau – Walking 8

Event Title: Walking 8
Artists: Ben Landau

Starting Point: Radio Bar, 79 Gertrude Street

Friday 15 July – 6pm (sold out) / 7:30pm (sold out)
Saturday 16 July – 6pm / 6:30pm
Tuesday 19 July – 6:30pm / 7pm (sold out) / 730pm / 8pm
Wednesday 20 July – 6:30pm / 7pm / 7:30pm / 8pm
Thursday 21 July – 7pm / 7:30pm / 8pm
Friday 22 July – 6:30pm / 7pm / 7:30pm / 8pm
Saturday 23 July – 630pm / 7pm / 7:30pm / 8pm

Duration: 20 mins, 4 people per show

Cost: $5. Click here to book.

Walking 8 leads a path through folding layers of memory and expectation, which loops, continuously updates and overwrites our ideas about how things were, are, and will be. If we re-write a memory in our heads and re-tell it until we believe it to be true – could we do the same with the future?

Audience members are invited to take a 20 minute journey with a mobile projector. It is up to you the audience to follow the projector through the streetscape, revealing layers of local memories and expectations of places visited and dreamed.

Ben Landau’s practice encompasses both art and design. He uses design research to analyse systems and artistic methodologies to tamper with them. Ben constructs experiences, objects and performances which are interactive or invite the audience to participate. His actions deconstruct social, political and cultural assumptions to spur agency within the audience. Ben’s critical incursions onto the status quo analyse reliance on existing systems. He wears masks to camouflage himself in everyday situations, and uses hacking, detournement and satire to break from accepted norms.

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