Ben Taranto – Inter-section

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Ben Taranto – Inter-section

Site Number: 28
Site Location: El Lobo, 203 Getrude Street

Artwork Title: Inter-section
Artist: Ben Taranto

Inter-section is a spatial installation encompassing sculpture and video that marks the intersection between built, natural and virtual environments. Using form, moving image, space, scale and time; Inter-section addresses how we perceive, relate and respond to various environments within a new era – The Anthropocene.

Ben Taranto is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates site-specific installations, intimate moving images and urban interventions using steel, glass and moving images.

His work attempts to maintain a balance between the physical and the transcendental as he conceptually explores the human condition in relation to the built, natural and virtual environments. Ben positions himself as an artist working within the Anthropocene or Human Age. He studies and visualises the natural world by capturing micro and macro perspectives of various environments and then translates this captured information into sculptures and immersive installations.

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