The Detour

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The Detour

Event Title: The Detour
Artists: Aphrodite Feros-Fooke and Chase Burns
Mentors: The Projector Bike – Lee Ramseyer Bache and Joseph Norster

Starting Point: The Gertrude Hotel, 148 Gertrude Street, entry via Napier St

Tuesday 19 July 2016, 6pm / 6:30 / 7pm / 8:15 / 8:45 / 9:15
Friday 22 July 2016,6pm / 6:30 / 7pm / 8:15 / 8:45 / 9:15

Duration: 15 mins / 3 seats per show

Cost: $5. All sessions booked out!

Save your walking shoes for another occasion and come on an intimate projection performance showcased from within the comfort and confines of an automobile. Get a glimpse into a new world where things are slightly different from ours but you still cannot escape rush hour traffic, irritatingly catchy pop songs and scaremongering news stories. Witness the transformation of artistic duo A/C as ‘The Detour’  takes you on a ride around the block.

Live performance mixed with audio & visual projections, restyle some of Fitzroy’s well known laneways for two nights only.

Limited seats for each show, please book in advance and make sure your seat belts are secured.

This project is presented as part of the GSPF Mentorship Program 2016.

Aphrodite Feros-Fooke’s interest with projection started in high school when she found a slide projector in a university skip bin. She quickly discovered she wasn’t particularly interested in projecting onto flat surfaces and has enjoyed experimenting with projection’s possibilities ever since.  Cars have been her focus for the last few years, projecting on, in and out of them. She still hasn’t quite worked out why she is so intrigued by cars (maybe the political loyalty to roads over other forms of transport, maybe the lure of the open road) but will continue to work with them in her practice until it sheds some light on it. Until then she exclusively goes to art shows and performances featuring automobiles.

Chase Burns grew up in the raw and rugged suburbs of Phillip Island, where he discovered his talent of painting and filmmaking. Following his love for the ocean, he gained extensive experience making his mark within the surf film industry, which led to making his own experimental visual art films inspired by the turbulent ocean. Chase’s career has also steered towards fashion and short films where he finds himself today. Chase’s work ‘White Wash’ was presented as part of GSPF 2015 and was a stand out at the 2016 White Night festival where we saw his ocean rip down the face of a 10 foot city building. 

Projector Bike is a custom-designed, three wheeled cargo bike complete with a high-powered projector and stereo system – that transforms any public place into a captivating work of art.Through inclusive performances and participatory projection tours, Projector Bike aims to foster inquisitive minds, active lifestyles, emerging filmmakers, adventurous communities, public space, and self reflexivity within young people and their communities. Collaborations include The Substation, Hobson’s Bay Council, Canon Australia, Nocturnal Dandenong, Dungog Festival, Pedal Brisbane, Darwin Arts Festival, Sydney Fringe, Ride The Night. Projector Bike is operated by The Projects and Lee Ramseyer Bache.

the 2016 GSPF Mentorship Program  is supported by:

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