Waterfall Person

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Waterfall Person

Event Title: Waterfall Person
Artists: Annabelle Kingston

Site Number: 20
Site Location: Seventh Gallery, 155 Gertrude St

Date: Friday 15 July 2016, 8pm
Cost: FREE

Waterfall Person concert, live in direct with her magic keyboard. Best enjoyed at water temperature.

everyday it’s the same waterfall
looking through my magic crystal ball
every day i just stare at the wall
i don’t want to do anything at all
i see the future but i think i’ll just sit around
it’ll never come to me if i just wait around
memories flow around me like a stream
move through life like i’m in a dream
use my crystal ball until it breaks
then i’ll have to make the same mistakes
i see the future but it just looks like today

Presented as part of ‘You’ve Got Cucumber on Your Eyes’ exhibition at Seventh Gallery, 15-24 July 2016

Annabelle Kingston is a artist and one-person band Waterfall Person. She graduated from VCA (Fine art Honours) in 2012 and took part in multiple exhibitions at West Space (2016), Lon Gallery (2016), C3 (2015), Kings ARI (2015), Counihan Gallery (2014) and Dudspace (2014) amongst others. Annabelle Kingston had a recent solo exhibition Acrylic On Bored at Bus Projects (2015).