Luzena Adams

Site Number: 23
Site Location: Megan Park, 164 Gertrude Street
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A metaphysical cocoon where the viewer has the opportunity to go within and begin again. Enigma explores the concept of collective subconscious and collective evolution as we unfurl into the future.

Dancer: Coral Dolphin
Animation: Tobias Edwards
Video: Arseniy Grobovnikov

Luzena Adams

Luzena is a Director and Photographer who shoots Fashion,¬†Portraiture and Moving Image. She attended RMIT University where she received a Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in Photography. On completion Luzena was awarded the Olympus prize¬†for most outstanding graduate and she has continued to receive art awards and international recognition. Luzena’s work has been exhibited throughout the world and is featured regularly in numerous magazines.

Australian born, Luzena currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.