Light Cycles

Anne Truong & Dave Anderson

Light Cycles
Site Location: Atherton Gardens Precinct

Temporary Artwork.

Date & Time:

Fri 21 July,
Sat 29 July
Sun 30 July

6pm - 10pm

Cost: FREE

Through shadow play and mechanical gears, shadow cyclists commute to their next destination, converting energy into movement and continually hurtling forward to the unknown. A playful piece by Wood and Grieve Engineers’ Specialist Lighting team explores concepts of movement, strength and vitality in everyday living, focusing on a method of travel humanity has utilised for over the past 100 years. Their projection using light and shadow utilises simplicity to full effect in creating a piece to engage viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Anne Truong & Dave Anderson

Anne Truong: Anne is a full time Specialist Lighting Designer and casual artist/musician whose passion lies in creating works that temper the imagination and tug at the strings of memory. She has been involved in various art projects since 2014 for events such as White Night, Globelight, Gertrude Street Projection Festival as well small art installations for private shop windows.

Dave Anderson: In his day job, Dave designs architectural lighting schemes in commercial buildings. As a creative outlet, he dabbles in artistic installations and sculpture using light as a medium. On weekends Dave can be found scouring second hand markets and tinkering on old machines.

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