Mycolinguistics (Rubico-Sterolosis or Oneness)

Ash Coates

Mycolinguistics (Rubico-Sterolosis or Oneness)
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Mycolinguistics uses both realism and fantasy as a means of exploring the fluidity of our identity and existence within the fluctuating landscape of cultural change at a cellular and microscopic level.

This work draws from images of both real and imaginary places to examine the future of our environment, relationships between micro and macro worlds and the language and networks that exist within our biosphere. Using both paintings and digital media, these juxtaposing worlds collide in a mix of pixels, molecules and cosmic energy with the aim of starting a dialog about our identity, the future of our environment and our place within it in a technologically developing world.

You stand as a voyeur; looking into the future and witnessing the life and death of cells and the language of plants taking on visual forms. The unseen becomes visible and allows time for contemplation on what it means to be a part of the evolution of this complex and symbiotic network of cells and microorganisms.

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Listen to the soundscape (by Alister Mew):

Ash Coates

Ash Coates is an Artist and the creator of the Mycolinguistics animation project. He has completed a Bachelor of Visual Art with Honours.

Ash has had solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Perth and Ballarat (Australia), Edinburgh (Scotland), Kofu City (Japan). His animations have been featured at the Kofu City International Art Festival (Japan) and Beams Art Festival (Australia). Ash was selected and exhibited by Perth Institute for Contemporary Art as one of Australia’s high achieving graduates. He is a recipient of the Ballarat Arts Foundation’s Project Assistants Grant and the People’s Choice Award at the ANL Maritime Art Awards. Residencies include; WASPS studios in Edinburgh; Fife Scotland and with AIRY Kofu in Japan.

Ash is currently living and working in Melbourne and has a studio at Schoolhouse Studios Collingwood.

Animation by: Richard Shilling
Sound Composition by: Alister Mew

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