Omagatoki – the Hour of Meeting Monsters

Kyoko Imazu

Omagatoki – the Hour of Meeting Monsters
Site Number: 29
Site Location: Australian Print Workshop, 210 Gertrude Street
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In Japanese folklore, Ōmagatoki refers to the time when the sun sets and the sky goes dark; not quite day, not quite night. Shadows start to grow and move like they have their own lives. This is the time when the border dividing the world we live in and the other world, where the spirits and monsters live, becomes blurred.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese and Soviet folklores and stories told during their childhoods, Kyoko, Olga and Vira created dark creatures that come out at Ōmagatoki. We are peeking at a procession of these otherworldly beings during the hour when they enter our world – we must be careful not to let them see us or we might be spirited away.

This work was commissioned by Australian Print Workshop. 

Kyoko Imazu

Olga & Vira Ishchuk are twin sisters working as independent 2D animators in Kiev, Ukraine who specialise in producing animated music videos for punk, psychobilly, rock bands. They also work on commercial and private projects with special interests in stories, pyrography, comics, history, politics and memoirs.

Kyoko Imazu is a visual artist working in Melbourne. Her practice encompasses a range of mediums such as printmaking, paper-cut, puppetry, installation, bookbinding and ceramics. Her interest in storytelling through visual art has seen her create a number of large-scale installations including shadow puppetry installations at; the National Wool Museum, Glen Eira Gallery and the House of Dreams Museum Installation at the Johnston Collection.

This is their first collaborative animation.


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