Open Minded Futures

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Open Minded Futures
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Site Location: Atherton Gardens Precinct

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Fri 21 July, 6pm

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What the future holds for young people and how they choose to navigate through is a reoccurring discussion point. Artists from Yarra Youth Services, led by Michael Fikaris and the Silent Army, have developed light-box illustration artworks, exploring their reaction to ‘Open Minded Futures’.

Each of the ten artists involved in the classes have produced ten drawings, which have been combined into five concepts; 1. Social 2. Political 3. Environmental 4. Business 5. Cultural.
Some are serious, some are humorous and all are done in black and white line work.

MicroPress Publication

MicroPress Silent Army is a Comic Illustration program for 12 to 25 years olds at BLOCK STUDIOS, Yarra Youth Services. In this program Fikaris explores themes pertinent to the young artists and develops them through conversation and illustration. Coming from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences these young illustrators share a passion for comic art and illustration, forming a unique young artistic collective in the heart of Fitzroy.

Cartoonist, Illustrator and Mentor, Michael Fikaris specialises in comic book art, cartooning and various areas of street art knowledge, doing regular portraits, illustration and publishing as well as painted murals. Alex specialises in murals, zine making and all manner of things in between. Alex does regular tape installations and brush painted murals. Merv specialises in comics and poster making using digital techniques and a graphic design styles that helps create comic narratives quicker and more effectively.


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